The academy offers courses for hairdressers with a focus on content designed to streamline our treatments, saving time and resources, ultimately optimizing salon time for more clients. We also employ teaching methods that cater to creative individuals. We consistently offer courses on the latest trends and techniques.


An exclusive small hair salon that accommodates everyone. A sanctuary where customers are pampered, and where there's a genuine and honest atmosphere. No factory-like behavior; every client gets precisely what they need

Are you a hairdresser curious about courses?


8995,- + moms


A certification course where you'll master all techniques and methods for creating multidimensional colors.

An intensive 4-day course with only 4 participants, covering Freehand Balayage, Foilayage, and Reverse Balayage.

5995,- + moms


Become a boss at the wildest color corrections!

Learn to create stunning glossing techniques, understand neutralization, and pigment removal.

An intensive 2-day course with only 4 participants!

2495,- + moms


A full-day hands-on course that accelerates your techniques, providing insight into divisions, lines, and highlight variations, giving you full control over lightening processes and results.

With only 4 participants, it offers intensive learning.


This is where, you decide!

Do you have specific technical challenges you want to overcome or refresh your color theory?

Tailor your own day based on your needs and budget. 

For course bookings or further questions, send an email to academy@livilea.com

— My name is Liva, and I am the owner of Livilea, House of Hair —

In 2000, I emerged as a young, passionate hairdresser with countless dreams about the paths I could take in the profession. I wanted to do it all, but was often told, "You can't do everything at once." I started at one end and, over 20 years later, I've experienced everything from competitive hairdressing to freelance styling work at fashion weeks, commercials, and music videos. I worked as a hairdresser in New York, as an educator and artist for color brands, and, not least, as an independent business owner with my own salon. My passion for the profession has never waned; it has only grown stronger over the years.

But the idea of specializing, especially in colors, and passing it on to customers and colleagues in the industry, became more prominent. A dream to make a living from my passion and hobby, to be surrounded by what has become a significant part of me… The dream came true – it became Livilea, House of Hair!

Livilea is a fusion of the name 'LIVA' and the word 'ILEA,' which means hair.

If you want to learn more about the work I do every day as an international artist and ambassador for Redken and my passion for teaching in my academy, click the button below to enter my world.